Catherine Gairard

Passionate artist and musician, blending vibrant visuals and soulful melodies to create unique, emotive experiences.

About Me

I am a multi-talented artist and musician. The unique blend of my half-French and half-Peruvian heritage infuses every aspect of my work. As an independent singer, harpist, and movie soundtrack composer, I've crafted emotive soundscapes for both the screen and the heart.My creative journey includes being an NFT artist since 2021 and launching my first EP in 2020.My visual art is an enchanting fusion of traditional and digital drawing, harnessed with the power of AI, and brought to life through intricate 2D frame-by-frame animations.

My songs

Where the alchemy of sound weaves together elements of soundtrack, heavy metal, and medieval music to transport you to a realm of magic and fantasy.

My NFT Art

Explore my NFT 1/1 collection, Harp Dreams: Original short pieces for harp, adorned by a fusion of sensuous nude photography and AI-driven creations.This collection takes inspiration from classical art, history, myths, and legends... Where each piece tells a unique story, inviting you to discover the hidden realms of beauty and imagination.

Music Boxes

Introducing a unique collaboration with Liam from 'Fix Your House for Free' - Handcrafted Music Boxes. Each box is meticulously handmade upon your request, featuring an eco-conscious blend of vintage and recycled materials. Choose from my curated collection of images or provide your own for a truly exclusive gift. The magic lies in the music: Select one or several songs from my catalog, or request a custom composition crafted from scratch to gift that special someone a truly one-of-a-kind melody.

Contact Me

Professional enquiries only. If you need a custom piece of music, give valuable feedback or collaborate, please send me a message here.

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